Washington D.C to Czech Republic 497 USD return

Photo: Mert Borak @Flickr

Some cheap tickets are available to book with the Turkish flag carrier Turkish Airlines if you live in the Washington D.C area and would like to visit the beautiful and legendary capital Prague in Czech Republic.

A return ticket will cost you only 497 USD but the supply of tickets are limited so you need to be fast as it is only valid for travel between 8th and 24th February and needs to be booked at least 8 days in advance.

The flight goes via Istanbul and includes an overnight layover on both the outbound and return journey.

Turkish Airlines provides a free transit hotel stay in Istanbul for layovers greater than 10 hours according to their website so it shouldnt be any problem or extra cost involved.

Use the great flight scanner ITA Software Matrix Airfare Search and use the flexible month option to be able to see the tickets available with Turkish. By using the code “tk+” on the inbound and outbound flights, when you have enabled the advanced routing codes, you will find the flights from Turkish Airlines.

As Turkish is a partner with United Airlines and also are a member of the Star Alliance group, you will get 100% mileage credit with United Airlines even if you don’t fly with them. Just make sure that you provide the check-in staff on Turkish Airlines with your MileagePlus number to receive the 12,322 miles to your account.

For more information and booking please visit www.turkishairlines.com and use the dates that you found using ITA Matrix.

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